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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time to Purge those coupons!


Are you buried in your coupons?

Your coupon crate may be full this time of year since many of the recent coupons are expiring in December, even 12/31/11. 

I am actively using 08/07/11 to present and will be purging a HUGE amount at the end of December.  Hope this helps :)

Below is a list of active coupons prior to 08/07/11:
Item and Insert Value Exp. Date
Adams Product, any (excluding collars) - 07-10-11 RP
$3.00/1 12/31/2011
Pilgrim's Frozen Fully Cooked Chicken, any 32-oz or less bag - 07-10-11 SS $2.00/1 12/31/2011
Cramp911, 21 mL - 07-10-11 RP $3.00/1 7/31/2012
Cramp911, 4.5 mL - 07-10-11 RP $1.00/1 7/31/2012
Martinson Coffee, 2 small cans or 1 large can (DND5) - 07-10-11 SS $1.00/1 1/10/2012
Truwhip, any (DND5) - 11-07-10 SS $1.00/2 5/31/2012
Truwhip, any (DND5) - 11-07-10 SS $0.55/1 5/31/2012
Bengay Product, any - 07-24-11 RP
$3.00/1 11/30/2011
Full Life for Dogs Omega Bites Healthy Dog Treats, any - 07-24-11 SS $1.00/1 12/30/2011
Full Life for Dogs Omega Chews Healthy Dog Treats, any - 07-24-11 SS $1.00/1 12/30/2011
Finlandia Cheese, any 6 oz. or more (DND9) - 07-24-11 SS $1.00/1 11/30/2011

Happy Saving!

ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas is BACK!!

ABC Family has a GREAT line up from now until Christmas!

Each night has at least one movie/show that will be sure to get you into the holiday spirit and is suitable for the whole family!

Enjoy :)

Happy Saving!

Grocery Store Links and Matchups

Here are the other grocery stores and the coupon match-ups from the blogs I follow.

I am trying to expand my list to include not only my local readers, but the rest of the IHC family, too! I hope you like...let me know!

Don't see the store you want? Send me the store you are looking for and I will find you a link! kim.iheartcoupons@

SouthernSavers Matchups:

Bi-Lo 11/25 - 11/29

Bloom 11/16 - 11/29

Food Lion 11/25 - 11/29

Harris Teeter 11/23 - 11/29

Harvey's 11/25 - 11/29

SweetBay 11/25 - 11/29

TrueCouponing Matchups:

Albertson's FL 11/24 - 11/29

SweetBay 11/25 - 11/29

WinnDixie 11/25 - 11/29

Happy Saving!

FREE SoftLips at Wags - 11/27

Walgreens will have SoftLips on sale for $2.00, and earn a $2 RR - so FREE after RR!!

There are even some coupons you can use with this deal:
$1/2 SoftLips 10/16 SS
$2/2 SoftLips CVS Reinventing Beauty Magazine (manufacturer coupon)
$1/1 SoftLips peelie

Remember - if you buy 2 in one transaction, you will only get ONE $2RR.

Thanks WildForWags!
Happy Saving!

$1/2 Tone Body Wash to go with BOGO sale!

Tone Body Wash will be BOGO at Wags starting 11/27.  This will be a great coupon to have for the sale!

Happy Saving!

Printing from the links in this post helps support the IHC website...Thank you!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bridesmaids DVD just $5.99!!

Bridesmaids is just $5.99 at!
Link on the Picture above!

This item is eliglble for FREE Shipping on total orders over $25 or with Amazon Prime.

This item is the Unrated version and is normally priced at $ 80%!!

Happy Saving!

Thanks centsableshopping!

Get $2 credit at Amazon MP3 with code

CLICK HERE to enter code STUDYBRK and get a $2 credit in your amazon account!

I had to enter the code, versus copy and paste :)

Thanks to whosaidnothinginlifeisfree!

Happy Saving!

Black Friday Freebie @ Dip N Dots

Head over to the Dippin' Dots facebook page, like them, and print your coupon for FREE Dippin' Dots!

Coupon is good 11/25 from 5 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Happy Saving!

Thanks to thecentsable shopping!!

Black Friday Freebie @ Arby's

CLICK HERE for your coupon for a FREE Chocolate Turnover at Arby's - 11/25/11 ONLY!

Happy Saving!

Thanks to thecentsable shopping!!

Black Friday Scenarios - Wags and CVS

Here we go!  This is going to be FUN!!  There are LOTS of combinations you can do to get a TON of stuff thiss have fun and be creative!  I hope this can get you started :)  Total Out Of Pocket (OOP) for BOTH scenarios is less than $10.00 pre-tax!!! is Wags:
Total OOP $8.23
End with $2.49RR, $2.50RR, $2RR
NET:  FREE+ Profit

Trans #1
(1) $2 RR WYB Gum Deep Clean Toothbrushes 2 pk at $2 ea
Pay $2.00, earn $2RR

Trans #2
(1) $2 RR WYB Naproxen Sodium 20 ct Liquidgels at $2 ea

Pay 0.00, earn $2RR

Trans #3
(1) $2 RR WYB CoverGirl Wetslicks or Shineblast Lip Color at $3.99 ea
(1) filler item - Home Elements Gift Bag with Window or Gift Sack, 13¢ w/in-ad coupon

$1 off CoverGirl product, PG 10/16
Wags code 1626 for sacks
Pay $1.12, earn $2RR

Trans #4
(2) $3 RR WYB (2) Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics 18 pk at $1.50 ea
Pay 1.00, earn $3RR

Trans #5
(1) $4 RR WYB Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick at $4.99
(1) filler item - Home Elements Gift Bag with Window or Gift Sack, 13¢ w/in-ad coupon
$1 off Revlon Color cosmetic, Walmart insert 10/09

Wags code 1626 for sacks
Pay $1.12, earn $4RR

Trans #6
(1) $2 RR WYB Gum Deep Clean Toothbrushes 2 pk at $2 ea
(1) $3 RR WYB Colgate Pro Clinical, Total Advanced or Gum Defense Toothpaste 4 oz at $3
$1 off Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste, 4 oz +, SS 11/13

Pay 0.00, earn $2RR and $3RR

Trans #7
(2) $4 RR WYB (2) eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream 7 oz at $3 ea
Pay $1.00, earn $4RR
Trans #8
(1) $2.49 RR WYB ThermaCare HeatWrap Neck, Wrist and Shoulder or Menstrual at $2.49
(1) $2.50 RR WYB Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste 3 oz at $2.50
(1) $2 RR WYB DenTek Floss Picks 75 or 90 pk at $2 ea
$1 off Crest toothpaste 4 oz + or liquid gel, excl Cavity, Baking Soda or Tartar, PG 10/30
Pay $1.99, earn $2.49RR, $2.50RR, $2RR

And now for CVS:

Total OOP 34¢
End with $5.99, 99¢, 99¢ ECBs
NET: FREE+ Profit

 Transaction #1
Get $1.87 ECB WYB Theraflu Caplets 8ct (limit 1) $1.87
Get $.99 ECB WYB Theraflu Daytime or Multi-sympton travel size, 1 packet (limit 1) $.99
Get $1.49 ECB WYB Benefiber Sticks Trial size 3ct (limit 1) $1.49

(1) $3/2 Theraflu Products, any – 09-25-11 SS x12/3
(1) $2/1 Benefiber Product, any – 09-11-11 RP x11/30 Pay 0.00, Earn $1.87, $1.49, 99¢

Transaction #2
Get $4.49 ECB WYB Be Koool Discomfort Gel Sheets for kids 4ct (limit 1) $4.49 = FREE
$1.87 ECB
$1.49 ECB
99¢ ECB
Pay 14¢, earn $4.49
Transaction #3
Get $1 ECB WYB Select Carmex 0.15-0.35oz (limit 1) $1
Get $4 ECB WYB Revlon Nail (excl Top Speed) (limit 6) $4.99

$1/2, .30/1 Carmex Lip Balm, any – 10-30-11 RP x1/31
$1/1 Revlon Color Cosmetic Product, any – 10-09-11 Walmart x12/31
$4.49 ECB

Pay 20¢, earn $1, $4 ECBs

Now...continue to "roll" your $4 ECB to pay for the other Nail Polish you want - total of 6 you can get on this deal...

Buy (1) Revlon Nail (excl Top Speed) (limit 6) $4.99

$1/1 Revlon Color Cosmetic Product, any – 10-09-11 Walmart x12/31
$4 ECB (adjusted down to $3.99)

Pay $0.00, earn $4 ECB

Then you can continue on through the scenario...

Transaction #4
Get $5.99 ECB WYB Breathe Right nasal strips 10+2ct (limit 1) $5.99
Get $.99 ECB WYB Excedrin Extra strength 8ct,+PM 8ct (lim 1) $.99 = FREE

Get $.99 ECB WYB Advil PM 4ct (limit 1) $.99 = = FREE
$1.50/1 Breathe Right, any 12 ct or smaller – 10-16-11 RP x12/31 $1.50/1 Breathe Right Nasal Strips 10ct+ CVS Coupon PRINT
$1, $4 ECBs (have the $1 ECB adjusted down to 97¢)
Pay 0.00, earn $5.99, 99¢, 99¢

Happy Saving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

If you love Tide, you'll LOVE this deal!!

Finally - a GREAT deal for Tide Lovers!!

Get your coupons ready for an awesome deal at CVS starting 11/27.  Don't be afraid to place an order with the store manager or get your rain check (CVS rainchecks NEVER expire).  This is one of the BEST deals I have ever seen on Tide.

Tide will be part of the Gift Card promo starting 11/27.  CVS has been running these for awhile now...and sometimes you can score GREAT deals!

Here goes:
(5) Tide 19-32 liquid and powder 31-40  @ $5.94
(1) Dawn dish soap @ 99¢
Subtotal - $30.69
(5) $2/1 Tide product 10/30 PG
(1) 50¢/1 Dawn product 10/30 PG
Pay $20.19, earn a $10 gift card
Net $10.19 for everything!!  That is $1.94 for each Tide!!!

Now...because CVS will track purchases on your card, you will need to split your order up and purchase 4 Tide, then a second transaction for the 5th.  This is to comply with the PG coupon verbiage stating a limit of 4 per shopping trip.  Once the $30 minimum is reached, the gift card coupon will print at the bottom of your receipt!

HOLLA!  My mom will be SO EXCITED!  She is brand loyal to Tide and has been waiting for a deal like this to come along. :)

Thanks Amit19.

Happy Saving!

FREE Popcorn at AMC

Thanks to whosaidnothinginlifeisfree for posting this sweet deal!

Head on over to the AMC Facebook page and get your coupon for a FREE popcorn - good from 12/2 - 12/4. 

Happy Saving!

Sunday Coupon Preview 11/27/11

We will be getting ONE insert on 11/27/11:
(1) P&G

Regionally, we may get 2 others:
(1) Target Insert
(1) WalMart Insert

P&G - all coupons Expire 12/31/11Bounty $.25/1 towels or napkins
Braun $5/1 cruZer
Charmin $.25/1
Clairol $2/1
CoverGirl $1/1
Crest $.75/1 toothpaste 4oz+ or liquid gel
Crest $7/1 3D White Professional Effects, 2 Hour Express, Advanced Vivid, Stain Shield or Gentle Routine whitestrips
Dawn $.25/1
Downy $1/1 Unstopables
Duracell $.50/1 Coppertop, Ultra Power, Ultra Photo Lithium or specialty batteries
Duracell $1.50/1 rechargeable batteries or charger or 6pk+ hearing aid batteries
Febreze $2/1 Home Collection Candle or No Spill Diffuser
Febreze Buy 1 Flameless Luminary Wooden Lamp Bade, get 1 Scented Shades refill free up to $5.99
Fixodent $.50/1 adhesive 1.05oz+
Fixodent $3/1 cleanser
Gillette $1/1 bodywash ets
Gillette $1/1 deodorant ets
Gillette $2/1 Fusion skin care product or Fusion shave prep
Gillette Buy Fusion ProGlide cartridge, get $5 off 1 Fusion ProGlide razor
Herbal Essences/Aussie $1/2 ets
Metamucil $1/1
Olay $1/1 bar, body wash or in-shower body lotion ets
Olay $3/1 Pro-X or Regenerist facial moisturizer or facial cleanser ets
Olay Buy Pro-X, Regenerist, Total Effects facial moisturizer or Smooth Finish Facial hair Removal, get body wash free up to $5.99
Old Spice $1/2 1.7oz+
Oral-B $.50/1 floss or floss picks 30ct+
Oral-B $.75/1 Pulsar, 3D White, Pro-Health, Complete or $.75/2 Indicator or Cavity Defense manual toothbrushes
Oral-B $3/1 battery toothbrush
Oral-B/Crest $.50/1 kid's manual or Zooth power toothbrush
Oral-B/Crest $.50/1 stages or kids toothpaste
Pampers $1/2 bags or $1/1 box of diapers or pants
Pampers $2 off 1 diapers or pants AND 1 wipes 60ct+
Pantene $3/2 ets
Pepto $.50/1
Prilosec OTC $1/1
Pringles $.50/1 Snack Stacks or Stix
Pringles $1/2 fat free cans 165g+
Pringles $1/4 Super Stack cans 180g+
Secret $1/2 ets
Secret/Olay Buy 1 Secret, get $1 off Olay Bar, Bodywash, In-Shower Body Lotion or Hand & Body Lotion ets
Tide/Downy $.50/1
Tide/Downy $1.50 off 1 Tide AND 1 Downy
Venus $2/1 disposable razor
Venus $5/1 ProSkin, Embrace, Breeze or Bikini razor or refill excludes disposables
Vicks $1.50/1 Nature Fusion product
Vicks/Puffs Buy 2 Vicks products, get 1 Puffs free up to $2.25

Target P&G (Expire 1/23/12 and All Target coupons) - REGIONAL
Always/Tampax $1/2 feminine care products
Bounty $.75/1 6pk+ paper towels
Bounty $1.50 off both 6pk+ paper towles AND 160ct+ napkins
Charmin $.75/1 9pk+ bath tissue
Charmin $2 off both 40ct+ Freshmates AND 9pk+ bath tissue
Clearblue Easy/Accu-Clear $2.50/1 ovulation or pregnancy test
Duracell $.75/1 8pk+ batteries
Pepto/Metamucil/Align $.50/1 ets
Prilosec OTC $1/1 42ct
Puffs $1/1 3pk+ facial tissue ets
Vicks $.50/1 cold & flu relief item ets

Walmart Single Sheet Insert (Manufacturer coupons) - REGIONAL
Goodnites $2/1 underwear ets dnd (12/31/11)
Pull-Ups $2/1 training pants ets dnd (12/31/11)
Huggies $3/1 Little Movers Slip-On diapers 64ct+ dnd (12/31/11)
Huggies $5/1 Snug & Dry or Little Movers diapers of a $35 value or greater dnd (12/17/11)

Thanks Amit19!!

Happy Saving!

RedBox FREE Rental at Wags on 11/24

The first 130 customers to make a purchase at EACH Walgreens on 11/24 will get a code for a FREE RedBox rental at check out!

Good luck :)
Happy Saving!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Walgreens Coupon App!!

If you have a smartphone, you can GO HERE to get the details on dowloading the Walgreens Coupon App.  This will give you access to coupons availabe exclusively on this app! 

Check out the Holiday Coupons available NOW!!

Happy Saving!

CVS 11/20 - 11/26

I did not do a scenario for this week, as I am waiting for the Black Friday deals. Check back for a scenario that will be so much FUN!! 

Here are a few of the best deals for this weeks ad:
$1 ECB WYB any (2) Ricola Drops $1.50 ea. Limit 1
$1.50 off Ricola cough and throat drops, 19-30 ct. bag, SS 10/30
Free Ricola 19-30 ct., bag WYB Dual Action, max $3.99, SS 10/02
FREE wyb 2 PLUS earn $1 ECB!!

99¢ ECB WYB Excedrin Bonus Pack Extra Strength, 8 ct., or PM, 8 ct., 99¢ Limit 1
FREE after ECB
$2 ECB WYB Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick $2.99 Limit 4
If you need Deo...Not bad if you roll the ECBs...Pay $2.99 for the first, then 99¢ each after.

$15 ECB WYB $75 iTunes Gift cards Limit 1
These are GREAT Christmas gifts or Stocking Stuffers.  Why not get ECBs back??
NOTE: Black Friday Wags ad has better RR deal :)

Here are links to the CVS Ad Matchups:


Wild For CVS ECB Deals

Happy Saving!