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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday Insert Preview - 2/27/11

We will be getting a SmartSource and a P&G this Sunday!  See the SmartSource details below.We will be getting a P&G in the 2/27/11 paper for sure.  We may also get a SmartSource, but I have not confirmed that as of today.  I will update this post as I find out one way or the other.

Here is a list of the coupons we should receive.  I have BOLDED the ones that look good to me.  Remember: some coupons may vary by region. This is a preview of what should be in the inserts.

Procter & Gamble (PG)
Save $0.25/1 Cascade
Save $1.00/1 Cascade Rinse Aid
Save $0.25/1 Dawn
Save $0.50/1 Bounce Product
Save $1.00/1 Bounce Product
Save $1.00/1 Downy Liquid Fabric Softner or Dryer Sheets
Save $2.00/1 Downy Liquid Fabric Softner or Dryer Sheets
Save $0.35/1 Tide Detergent
Save $3.00/1 Tide Stain Release 26-50 oz powder, 15-34 ct duo pac or 36-68 oz liquid
Save $1.00/1 Febreze Fabric Refresher
Save $1.00/1 Febreze Air Effects
Save $1.00/1 Febreze Flameless Luminary Refill
Save $1.00/1 Febreze Set & Refresh
Save $0.50/1 Swiffer Refill or Swiffer Dust & Shine
Save $5.00/1 Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit
Save $0.25/1 Charmin
Save $0.50/2 Puffs
Save $0.75/1 Duracell CopperTop, Ultra Advanced or Ultra Photo Lithium
Save $0.50/1 Duracell CopperTop, Ultra Advanced or Ultra Photo Lithium
Save $1.50/1 Duracell Hearing Aid 6-pack or larger
Save $2.00/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants
Save $2.50/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants
Save $0.50/1 Pampers Wipes 60ct. Or larger
Save $1.00/1 Pampers Wipes 60ct. Or larger
Save $0.50/1 Always Pad, Clean or Feminine Cleansing Cloth
Save $0.50/1 Always Pantiliners (34 ct. or higher)
Save $1.00/1 Always Infinity Pads 24-48 ct.
Save $2.00/1 Tampax Pearl or Tampax Pearl Compak (18 ct or higher)
Save $1.00/1 Tampax (18 ct. or higher)
Save $1.00/1 Metamucil product
Save $3.00/1 Prilosec
Save $4.00/1 Sinex product
Save $4.00/1 PUR or PUR Flavor Options System (Pitcher or Faucet Mount)
Save $2.00/1 PUR Pitcher or Faucet Mount Multi-Pack Replacement Filters or PUR Refrigerator Filter
Save $3.00/1 Oral-B Battery Brush
Save $1.00/1 Oral B CrossAction Manual Toothbrush
Save $0.75/1 Oral-B Pulsar, CrossAction, Advantage OR any TWO Indicator OR Cavity Defense
Save $1.00/1 Crest 4.0oz or more or liquid gel
Save $0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste 4.0oz or more OR liquid gel
Save $10.00/1 Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express or Professional Effects Whitestrips
Save $5.00/1 Crest 3D White Professional Effects, Advanced Vivid 14ct, Stain Shield, OR Gentle Routine Whitestrips
Save $1.00/1 Crest Rinse 946mL or larger
Save $0.75/1 Oral-B Satin, Glide 25M or more or any ONE Glide Floss Picks 30ct or higher
Save $0.50/1 Oral-B Stages or Zooth OR Crest Kids Paste
Save $0.50/1 Oral-B Stages or Zooth OR Crest Kids Manual or Power Toothbrush
Save $1.00/1 CoverGirl product
Save $4.00/1 Manual or Power Fusion ProGlide Razor
Save $2.00/1 Gillette Bodywash
Save $1.00/1 Gillette Fusion Shave Prep or Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor
Save $2.00/1 Gillette ProSeries Skin Care
Save up to $4.99 Buy any ONE Gillette Deodorant, Get ONE Gillette Bodywash FREE
Save $1.00/1 Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner
Save $1.00/1 Pantene Product
Save $2.00/1 Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant
Save $0.50/1 Secret
Save $1.00/2 Old Spice products (1.7oz or larger)
Save $1.00/1 Olay bar, body wash, in shower body lotion, or hand & body lotion
Save $3.00/1 Nice N Easy Color Blend Foam
Save $1.00/1 Nice N Easy
Save $0.55/1 Satin Care Shave Gel or In Shower Moisturizer
Save $5.00/1 Venus ProSkin MoistureRich, Embrace, or Breeze Refillable Razor and ONE Venus Cartridge
Save up to $7.00 Buy any ONE Swiffer Starter Kit, Get any ONE Swiffer Refill FREE
Buy any ONE Olay Facial Cleanser, Get any ONE Olay bar soap, body wash OR in shower body lotion FREE
Save up to $1.99 Buy any ONE Vicks Products, Get any ONE Puffs FREE
Save up to $3.99 Buy any ONE Old Spice APDO, Get any ONE Old Spice Body Wash FREE (of equal or lesser value)
Save up to $3.29 Buy any ONE Febreze Noticeables Refill, Get any ONE Warmer FREE
Save up to $4.99 Buy any ONE Febreze Flameless Luminary Starter Kit or device, Get any ONE Flameless Luminary Refill FREE
Save up to $3.99 Buy any ONE Tide Detergent 75 oz or larger, Get ONE Tide Stain Release 10 ct duo pac, 20 oz liquid, 14 oz powder or 21 oz pre-treat FREE

Neutrogena naturals Save $1/1 (4/27)

Lysol Clean-Flip starter kit or floor cloths Save $1/1 (6/1)
Mentos Save $1/1 45pc+ bottle (4/30)
Mentos Save $1/3 15pc+ (4/30)
Cuties Save $.55/1 5lb box (4/4)
Cuties Save $.35/1 3lb bag (4/4)
Tostitos Artisan Recipes chips Save $.55/1 (4/13)
Huggies Pure & Natural diapers Save $2.50/1 (3/26)
Huggies Little Snugglers or Little Movers diapers Save $2/1 (3/26)
Huggies Snug & Dry diapers Save $2/1 (3/19)
Huggies Snug & Dry diapers 60ct+ Save $3.50/1 (3/19)
Huggies Buy baby wipes refill 300ct+ get free baby wipes tub 72ct or less (3/19)
Accu-Chek Save $10 off Aviva system with purchase of Aviva test strips (5/29)
Barber Foods product Save $1/1 (4/16)
Best Life buttery spread, spray or baking sticks Save $1/1 (5/8)
Zegerid OTC Save $3/1 (4/2)
Zegerid OTC 42ct Save $6/1 (4/2)
Glade Plugins Scented Oil twin refill or two single refills Save $1 (4/2)
Glade premium room spray 9.7oz Save $1/1 (4/2)
Glade 4oz jar candles Save $1/2 (4/2)
Glade Scented Oil candles products Save $1.50/2 (4/2)
Glade Carpet & Room odor eliminator Save $.75/1 (4/2)
Glade Fabric & Air odor eliminator Save $1/1 (4/2)
Glade Sense & Spray starter kit Save $3/1 (4/2)
Glade Sense & Spray refills Save $1/2 (4/2)
Foster Farms boneless & skinless fresh chicken breast item Save $1/1 (5/31) (2 coupons)
Ensure 4-pk shake Save $3/1 (4/30)
EAS product Save $1/1 (4/30)
Glucerna products Save $2/2 (4/30)
ZonePerfect single bar or multi-count box Save $.55/1 (4/30)
Similac SimplePac large size powder 1.37lb+ Save $5/1 (4/30)
Similac SimplePac large size powder 1.37lb+ Save $3/1 (5/31)
Pert Plus 2-in-1 product Save $1/1 (3/31)
Snyder’s of Hanover 6oz+ pretzels Save $1/2 (5/27)
Colgate toothpaste 4oz+ Save $.75/1 (3/19)
Colgate adult or kids manual toothbrush Save $.75/1 (3/19)
Benefiber product Save $2/1 (4/16)
Benefiber products Save $5/2 (4/16)
Excedrin 20ct+ Save $.75/1 (4/16)
Excedrin 80ct+ Save $1.50/1 (4/16)
Caribou Coffee 12oz bag Save $2/1 (4/30)
Biotrue multi-purpose solution 10oz+ Save $2/1 (4/11)
Biotrue multi-purpose solution 10oz 2pack Save $4 (4/11)
Listerine mouthwash 1L+ Save $.50/1 (12/31)
Listerine Total Care 500mL or Restoring Listerine 1L Save $1/1 (12/31)
Listerine Zero 500mL+ Save $1/1 (12/31)
Danimals Save $1/1 (4/26)
Danonino 6-pack or 12-pack cups Save $1/1 (4/26)
Activia Parfait Crunch Save $1/3 (3/27)
Claritin 20ct+ Save $5/1 (3/27)
Claritin-D 15ct+ Save $4/1 (3/27)
Nice ‘n Easy hair color Save $1/1 Target coupon (4/30)
Natural Instincts hair color Save $2/1 Target coupon (4/30)
Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s, Hershey’s Miniatures, Cadbury or Whoppers bags Save $1/3 (4/2)
Hershey’s Bliss chocolates 8oz+ Save $1/2 (4/2)

Happy Saving!

Thank you SundayCouponPreview!

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Coupons from Cooking with Kraft

CLICK HERE to get your coupons from Cooking with Kraft!

Here are the coupons available:
$1/1 Publix bakery bread WYB Kraft Deli Deluxe Cheese Slices
$1/1 Publix produce WYB Oscar Mayer Deli fresh family sized shaved meat
$1/1 Publix produce WYB Kraft shredded cheese
Buy One Oscar Mayer selects beef or angus beef franks, Get One Oscar mayer selects turkey franks FREE (up to $2.89)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

$1/1 Coles That's Dinner Coupon

Head over to FaceBook and "LIKE" Cole's to print a $1/1 Cole's That's Dinner product.

Happy Saving!

Get coupons from P&G

P&G Have You tried This Yet? has coupons available.  GO HERE to sign in or sign up!

Happy Saving!

RedBox Codes

Reposting  for those that may want to enjoy a free movie! here are some Redbox Codes that seem to be working
for one free rental - one time per credit/debit card.  If you want to get twoi movies for free, you do 2 transactions with 2 different credit/debit cards, use the same code and get both for free!  Have more cards?  Each code is valid once per card!  Enjoy :)

REDBOX - new customers
BREAKROOM - any location
DVDONME - any location
DVDATWAG - Walgreens locations only
Walgreens - Walgreens locations only
DRIVEIN - Sonic locations only
CHANCEMONOP - McDonald's locations only **this will quit working after it has been used 1 million times

Click HERE to find a Redbox near you.

Please post a comment if you have any other working codes or if the codes above do not work for you, so I can update my list.  Thank you!

FREE - 8x10 Collage print @ 02/24/11 ONLY

Enjoy this deal 02/24/11 ONLY!

Go to and take advantage of this deal.....a FREE 8x10 collage print!

You may be able to pick it up at your local store for free shipping!

Happy Saving!

Earn 50 points w/RecycleBank


Dr. Oz will be featuring RecycleBank on his show Thursday, 2/24/11.  Want to get 50 points?

Sign up or Sign in HERE.

Happy Saving!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do you have 53 cents to go shopping with me?

We can all skip to Walgreens next week! 

I will be posting a scenario soon that will be $67 worth of Merchandise (sale priced) for $0.53.  That's right.....53 cents!!!
 Can I get 

Stay tuned!

Happy Saving!

***HOT*** $10/$40 SweetBay Coupon

CLICK HERE to get your copy of the $10/$40 coupon from SweetBay good through 3/1/11.  This can be used at SweetBay or Publix and elsewhere (if accepted as a competitor!)


Some readers have advised they found this in their inbox via e-mail.  If you do not get e-mails from SweetBay, you can sign up for their newsletter HERE.

Happy Saving!

Thanks WeUseCoupons!

Pantry Packers

Here are some new Pantry Packers.  Stock up time!!!  Please do not clear the shelves...share the love. :)
I will update as I find more....

Publix 2/24/11:
Skintamate Shave Gel BOGO $2.46 <----------------$0.46 each
$1/1 Skintamate Shave Gel 01-16-11 SS

Kotex Pads 14 to 24 ct, Tampons 18 ct, and Liners 40 to 64 ct, $1.99 <----------FREE or Money maker!

$1.50/2 Kotex Liners 1/16/2011 SS Insert (exp 2/28/2011)
$2/2 Kotex Pads 1/16/2011 SS Insert (exp 2/28/2011)
$1.50/2 Kotex Security Tampons 1/16/2011 SS Insert (exp 2/28/2011)
$2/1 Kotex or U by Kotex Product Publix coupon Gasparilla Booklet
Thanks Sue and Sherril!

Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles <------------------------FREE
regulare price $0.49
use $0.50/1 from the 01-02-11 SS

Winn-Dixie 2/23/11:
Kleenex tissues <-------------------------------------- get 4 for FREE
Buy any 4 and get $1 off instantly
Buy 4 @ 4/$5
Get $1 off instantly
Use (4) $1/1 Kleenex Facial Tissues, any 02-13-11 SS

Happy Saving!

Purex Crystals - Giveaway WINNERS!!

Congratulations!  The following people were chosen (via to receive a coupon for a FREE bottle of Purex Crystals!  All three from facebook!

FB #9      Shannon Willis
FB #36    Christine Wiswall
FB#4       Susan Suarez

Stay tuned for MORE giveaways!

Please contact me via e-mail ( and include your name and address so I can have the coupons mailed out to you. 

***Please note - If I do not receive your information by Friday afternoon (2/25/11), I will have to choose another winner.

Congratulations, again!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Publix Sneak Peek 2/24 - 3/2

Looks like another great Italian Days week at Publix!  Here are the links for the ad match-ups 2/24 - 3/2.

IHeartPublix - CLICK HERE

TrueCouponing - CLICK HERE

SouthernSavers - CLICK HERE

Check back for the next edition of Pantry Packers for the stock-up items!

Happy Saving!

FREE Mentos @ CVS

You may be able to score some FREE Mentos @ CVS this week.

Check your 02-06-11 SS for a $50/1 Any Mentos coupon.  If your CVS has Mentos rolls on sale $2/1, that would make them FREE!!

Happy Saving!

**HOT** Blue Bunny Coupon

CLICK HERE to register for your $2/1 Any Blue Bunny frozen item!  Hurry...this one will melt away soon!

Happy Saving!

Albertsons Sneak Peek 2/23 - 3/1

Alberstons ad for 2/23 - 3/1 is here!!

TrueCouponing - CLICK HERE

Check back for the next edition of Pantry Packers for the stock-up items!

Happy Saving!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paying it Forward with Coupons

My life has always been blessed with a family friend - Becky - who is so giving! She donates tons of her time and money to feed the hungry...right here in the local area. I was so excited to share with her my coupon knowledge to maximize her savings so she can give even more. We went on a trip together and it was AMAZING! We got enough food to feed 30 families a meal!
We spent $17.66 and saved over $220!!

What a blessing to pay all of that forward!  How do you Pay it Forward?  Please post a comment below.

Pantry Packers

I will update this periodically and repost to the top of the page as I add items for this week.  Please let me know via comments if you would like this post to continue.

Publix - thru 2/23:
Bertolli Pasta Sauce <-------------------------------$0.22 each
$1/2 Target PRINTABLE
$1.50/2 Bertolli Pasta Sauce 02-20-11 RP
Wishbone Salad Dressing <-------------------------$0.08 each
$1.50/2 Target PRINTABLE
$1/2 Wishbone Salad dressing 01-30-11 RP
Lipton Tea Bags 100 count <-----------------------$0.88 each
$1/2 Target PRINTABLE via RedPlum
$0.60/1 Lipton Tea Bags 01-30-11 RP
Ronzoni Pasta Smart Taste <----------------------$0.09 each
$1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste 01-23-11 SS
Finish Dishwasher Detergent 25 or 32 count box <---------$1.25 each
$2.25/1 Finish Quantum, Powerball, or GelPacs 01-02-11 SS
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix <---------------------$0.49 each
$0.50/1 Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix 02-13-11 GM
$1/1 Select Betty Crocker Dessert Mixes (WATCH EXPIRATION 2/23) Publix Flyer or PRINTABLE

Albertsons - thru 2/22:
Ragu Pasta Sauce <--------------------------------$0.39 each
$0.60/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce 01-30-11 RP
Tony's Pizzas <-----------------------------------$0.38 each
$0.50/1 Tony's Pizzas 02-13-11 SS
$0.88 each for Tony's Pizzas Albertson's In Ad Coupon (IAQ)
Pure Protein Bars <------------------------------------FREE and FREE
B1G1 Pure Protein Bars 01-09-11 RP (WATCH EXPIRATION 2/20)

Walgreens - thru 2/26:
Dove Deodorant <------------------------------------FREE
$2/1 Dove Deodorant 01-30-11 RP
$1.99 sale price with Walgreens IAQ

Happy Saving!

Albertson's E-mail savings

This is for Shannon! 

Here is a LINK to sign up for deals and coupons from Albertsons!  Register your e-mail today.  Let's hope we get some good coupons....maybe even $5/50 printables????

Happy Saving!

Walgreens Scenarios - 2/20/11

 Here is my scenario for this week (2/20/11 - 2/26/11).  You should pick up $47.04 in merchandise for $10.05 OOP.

Reminder: All totals are PRE-TAX.  Actual OOP may vary depending on your sales tax rate. 

You do not have to do all transactions in one day...keep it simple and start slow to avoid getting overwhelmed.  As long as the transactions are done in order, you can spread them out over the week.

UPDATE - some stores have Purex BOGO @ $5.99!!  This would make them FREE!!  If you get them for FREE, then just apply your $2 register reward towards another purchase.  You can even save it to use next week, or go back to Trans #1 and start over!

Here we go :)

Trans #1
1 - RepHresh Tampons @ $5.99
1 - Dove Deodorant @ $2.99
Subtotal = $8.98
1 - $1/1 RepHresh Tampons coupon PRINT
1 - $2/1 Dove Deoderant 01-30-11 RP (x2/27)
1 - Walgreens IAQ for Dove Deodorant (code 1221), deducts $1.00
TOTAL = $4.98 (earn $5 RR from RepHresh)

Trans #2
1 - Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor @ 9.99
1 - Angel Mint @ $0.20 (filler)
Subtotal = $10.19
1 - $4/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor 01-30-11 PG (x2/28)
1 - $5 RR from Trans #1
TOTAL = $1.19 (earn $4 RR from Razor)

Trans #3
1 - Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers 20-50 count @ $8.99
1 - Pampers Wipes Tub 60-72 count @ $2.50
1 - Angel Mint @ $0.20 (filler)
Subtotal = $11.69
1 - $2/2 Pampers Diapers/Pants AND Wipes 01-30-11 PG (x2/28)
1 - $2/1 Pampers Diapers Walgreens Infant Care Booklet (code 5521)
1 - $4 RR from Trans #2
TOTAL = $3.69 (earn $2 RR from Pampers)

Trans #4
2 - Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets 20 Loads @ BOGO $7.99
1 - Angel Mint @ $0.20 (filler)
Subtotal = $8.19
2 - $3/1 Purex Complete with Zout detergent or Complete 3-in-1 laundry sheets 02-20-11 RP (x3/19)
1 - $2 RR from Trans #3
TOTAL = $0.19

Some tips for this week:
The Dove Deodorant is FREE!!!  So...for how ever many coupons you have - $2/1 Dove Deodorant 01-30-11 RP (x2/27) - you can get that many for FREE.  IMPORTANT --- scan the Wags in ad coupon LAST and you will be fine. 

The Dove Deodorants can be added to any of the above transactions and the OOP will only increase by the tax amount, because the are FREE.

If you do not have the Walgreens Infant Care Booklet, not to worry!  Use the 4 digit code # listed and your coupon will be applied - you DO NOT need the physical coupon for Walgreen coupons as long as you have the assigned code for them to enter at the register.

If you do not need diapers, skip Trans #3 and you can get 4 Purex 3-in-1 Sheets.

If you do not use Purex, you can use Trans #4 for Toilet Paper or Paper Towels.

Happy Saving!

Walgreens Haul - 2/18/11

So...picture to come, but had to share my trip to Wags today.  :)

Here we go....I got:

5 - Lysol Hand Soap Auto Pumps
5 - Skintamate Shave Cream
5 - Gillette Razors
5 - Reach Floss
5 - Neurogen Pain Gel
10 - Boxes of candy (Jujubes and Sugar Babies)

Paid just under $19.00, left the store with $12.00 in Register Rewards, and saved over $265.00!

WOW!  I was so tired of the math, I left without the free toilet paper! LOL  Have to go back another day.

Gotta LOVE WAGS!!!!  Post a comment and share how YOU did~