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Friday, February 4, 2011

Blockbuster Rental Codes - FREE movies

What's better than a FREE movie?  Ok, maybe a few things...but it is still pretty cool!

A few things to remember:
*Return the movie on time (9pm) to ensure no additional charges are incurred
*You can use these codes once per credit/debit card.  (get multiple free movies using different cards!)
*Enter in the PROMO section near the end of your transaction

Find your local Blockbuster Kiosk HERE.


R2G1 Free Rental Code: FTBL45 (expires 02/06/11)

R1G1 Rental Code: ESU42F (not sure on expiration)

Free Rental Code: MRC37H (expires 2/25/11)

R1G1 Rental code : SPEEDY – (expiration unknown) Speedway Gas Stations only

Free Rental Code: XU14A (expiration unknown)

R1G1 Rental Code: G419A (expires unknown) - this could be a FREE code...please post a comment to let the readers know.

Free Rental Code: BBXPUB (Publix only)

* Not all codes work in all areas - Good luck!
Thanks CouponDad!

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