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Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear Cherrios,

I just had to get this off my chest!!  Do you feel me?  What product are you waiting for?

Leave a comment with what you need and I will look for it in my research!

Dear Cherrios,

I am pleading with you to coordinate efforts with my local stores and coupons for the Multi-Grain Cherrios to create a stock-up deal for my family.

You see, we were doing so well!  Then, suddenly, as if you thought we stopped eating you, the sales ended!  Let me assure you, you are eaten everyday in my family - and I am sure many others!  You are nutritious AND my kids love you!  Where on earth could I get a better deal than that?!?!?

I am sad to report that the box we are currently eating was purchased at full price at Wal-Mart!  Please, Please, Please....I need a good sale and coupons to match-up with.

Thank you for listening...uh...reading.....uh.....anyway....

Thank you -
Not so patiently waiting for your reply.....

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