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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Walgreens Trip 3/13/11 - Saved $140 or 80%!!!!

Spent $34.54
Saved $140.84 or 80%
Total Merchandise Retail Value $175.38

Here is what I got:
12 Right Guard Deodorant (had to get a rain check for 8 more free)
5 Purex Crystals
4 Reach Toothbrushes
4 Renuzit Crystals (thanks to Jenda and Amber for reminding me of this deal)
4 Irish Spring Deodorant
3 Angel Mints
3 Dial Lotions
1 Gallon Milk (not shown)
1 Coke 20 oz bottle (gone...I got thirsty doing all those transactions! LOL)

Post a comment with your trips below.  Don't forget to send me a picture for FACEBOOK.

Happy Saving!

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