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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cheap All You and Pay It Forward

$25.00 for 2 years (30 issues)
this also includes a donation of up to $10.00 for a local charity!

I am excited to announce that IHC has started an efundraising campaign!  Items available are Magazines (including All You, Parents, Disney Family Fun, etc) and certificates ($20 for $50 credit).

Through this program, up to 40% of the sale price comes back to the charity!  You can also add additional donation funds at checkout.  Now through August 2011, the proceeds will go to All Children's Hospital in our local area.

I would also like to give OUR READERS the opportunity to have YOUR charities get some help as well!

As of September, and each month going forward, someone in the IHC family will be able to choose the charity of their choice and we will send the proceeds for the month in your name.  Will it be you?

E-mail me @ with "My Charity is....." in the subject line to enter the drawing.  Also, please include the charity name, a little about the charity, and why you support it.  I will include this information for our readers on the website to increase awareness.  You only need to enter once, as I will save the e-mails.  Good Luck!

>For an ALL YOU subscription:
  2. Click on Support Us
  3. Click on WOMEN on the left sidebar
  4. Choose All You
  5. Select 1 year (15 issues) for $15.00 or 2 years (30 issues) for $25.00
  6. Select Renewal or New Subscription
  7. Add to Cart
If you want two subscriptions, place them in different names.  There are no shipping charges or hidden fees, so check out what else is available!

Happy Saving!

Thank you SouthernSavers for the idea!

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