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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time to Purge those expired coupons! is the beginning of the month and I am committed to staying on top of my personal coupon crate and binder.  Purging, as needed, and recycling or placing in the my military recycle pile.

Remember....if you can keep 12 weeks in date order, you are going to be pretty well set! I do want to share what I am doing - I am asked that all the time.

Here is what I currently have in my crate:
  • P&G from 06/05/11 and 07/03/11 only.  All other P&G inserts are expired.
  • All dates from 04-03-11 and forward are kept and filed by Sunday date.

Some of the past coupons I cut out and put in my binder:
03-06-11 RP       Jimmy Dean exp 10/31
03-13-11 SS       Tyson Minis exp 8/13
03-20-11 SS       Kaboom products exp 8/31

Stay tuned for our local Clipping Party to prepare and send our expired coupons overseas!  We will clip the coupons and separate into FOOD and NON-FOOD categories (Pet Food goes in the NON-FOOD category).  Then we will ship them overseas for our military families to use up to 6 months after expiration!  

Happy Saving!

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  1. Question: I'm a new couponer so please understand lol. What happens with the expired coupons or the one's that you don't need/use?? I hate throwing them away so I end up taking tape w/ me to the store and if i'm going to those aisles then i put them on the products the discount is for hoping to pass them along.