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Monday, September 19, 2011

Check your mailbox!!

Check your mailbox for a $5 off $50 mailer from Publix!
I got mine today...did you?

UPDATE: In response to the comments, I did not get them for awhile, glorious day...there it sat, safely in my mailbox.  I was ecstatic!  Now...I will say that it seems to be regional - varies on the area or zip code you live in.  Another option is to go to the Publix website HERE and sign up for their clubs/programs: for kids, for pets, family, etc.  This will get you on their mailing list and HOPEFULLY you can start getting these, too!  Good luck...

Happy Saving!


  1. I have not ever been so lucky to get one of these. Do you have to sign up somewhere to get it?

  2. How or where do you get this coupon? I cant seem to ever come across this coupon.