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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nedi Pot Warning - Please Read!

I love my Nedi Pot!  But PLEASE BE CAREFUL when using these....

It is extremely important NOT to use tap water to irrigate your sinuses.  This can be very dangerous.  Tap water can be contaminated, especially concerning possible Brain-Eating Amoeba that can be found in some areas and, in most cases, is fatal.

You must use DISTILLED or BOIL your water to sterilize it PRIOR to use!!

My plan is to boil water and rinse my Nedi Pot.  Then continue to use Distilled water only when irrigating with my Nedi Pot.

You can read THIS ARTICLE on Yahoo News for more information.   These amoebas can also be found in lakes, rivers, and ponds.

I do not want to alarm anyone, but PLEASE use caution while using this product. 
Happy Saving!

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