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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Barcode System for Coupons

I apologize for the long post, but this is worth the read!!

Many manufacturers are making the switch to the new DataBar Coupon format.  You may begin to notice, if you haven't already, the new coding on your coupons.  Here is more details taken from

The new DataBar Coupon format will allow the manufacturers to be more specific on what items the coupon is intended for and allow coding for more complex offers.  Hopefully this will reduce mis-redemption.

In addition, retailers would get better scanning accuracy at the point of sale (POS).  Again, hopefully reducing mis-redemption, while minimizing the amount of “hard-to-handle” coupons.

Key Points

  • GS1 Company Prefixes. The existing structure only allows companies with a 6-digit prefix the ability to coupon. The new format can accommodate variable length prefixes.
  • Coupon value codes can now be in any amount up to $999.99, and the are not limited to a table of only 100 possibilities.
  • Precise offer descriptions and validation of offers involving specified quantity purchases can now be expressed.
  • Fraud reduction due to complexity of description and save values. Also, the entire bar code encoded data is not presented in human readable format.
  • Automatic expiration date checking for retailers.
The greater dimensional efficiency combined with the ability to encode additional data opens the doors for creating trade solutions that greater support product identification, traceability, quality control, and more flexible coding for coupon applications.

Below is a picture of the barcodes you may begin to see.  The top section is what will be on the coupon that is transitioning to the new system.  The bottom section is the final look, after the transition period is complete.

Happy Saving!

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