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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gain Fabric Softener - CHEAP OR FREE!!!

RE-POSTING as a reminder - Coupons expire 03/31/11!!

We received the $3 Gain Fabric Softener coupon in the 2/13/11 Red Plum insert - WOO HOOO!!

Now, lets see how we can score some cheap or free Gain fabric softener!

Walmart has them priced at $3.12 for the Gain Dryer sheets (80 ct), less the $3 coupon = $.12!

Dollar General has Gain Fabric Softener Sheets (50 ct) $2.99, less the $3 coupon = FREE!

Family Dollar has Gain Fabric Softener Sheets (60 ct) $3.00, less the $3 coupon = FREE!

Rite Aid (for Billy) has Gain Fabric Softener (24 loads) $2.99, less the $3 coupon = FREE!

Please post any other deals you find or if you find different prices!

Happy Saving!

Thanks DebbieDoesCoupons!


  1. Don't forget that if you have a circular for one store and will be going to Wal-Mart and don't want to make 2 stops, Wal-Mart will price match if you show t hem the item in the circular. This has been coming in handy for me since I don't have some store near by but get their circulars.