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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My BEST trip so far at Publix!! Saved 99.8%!!

Merchandise Value $176.96
Total Saved $176.60 or 99.8%
Total OOP $0.36

OMG!!! I was SO EXCITED at Publix today.  I went to my favorite store (Bloomingdale) and got my favorite Cashier (Danielle) and saved a TON!! be fair, not many edible items today.  This trip was focused on items that had expiring coupons and rebates attached....but BY FAR my best percentage and lowest OOP EVER!!!  Before coupons, I started at $123.....

Here is what I got:
(2) Half Gallon Horizon Organic Milk (not pictured)
(4) Motts Apple Sauce 6 packs
(4) Honey Maid Graham Crackers
(4) Jolly Time microwave popcorn
(18) Friskies Party Mix cat treats
(10) Lysol cleaner 40 oz bottles
(2) Miralax bottles
(4) Kleenex facial tissues
(2) Trident Vitality gum 9 count
(8) Febreeze Set & Refresh air fresheners
(1) package boneless, skinless chicken breast (not pictured)
(1) 20 oz Coca Cola (not pictured)

Order Total = -$1.97
Sales Tax =      $2.33
Total Due =      $0.36

How did you do?
 Happy Saving!


  1. Great job Kimberly! I miss shopping at Publix!

  2. can you show how you did this with what coupons you used

  3. Great job! But knowing what coupons you used and how you did it would help us all out.