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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Reminders - Couponing To Do List

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Order your Newspapers/coupons:

CLICK HERE for St Pete Times information/details
Best Rate available with Offer Code 220
Call 1.800.The.Times

CLICK HERE for CouponsYouNeed
Offers Sunday paper inserts as low as $0.90 per set
Delivery available!

 Sign up for e-mails:
You may want to open a free e-mail account for your coupon
sign-ups so it won't bog down your main e-mail address.

Sign up for mailed items at the Customer Service Desk/In Store:

Reward Cards - grab them at the store and register at the store or on-line:

Print coupons you use regularly at the 1st of every month:

Coupons can usually be printed 2 per computer.  In order to get the second print, you must click on the BACK button, then REFRESH the page, Click YES, and Vio-La! 

All You - Sold at Wal-Mart or see my post HERE to have it delivered

Happy Saving!


  1. Thank you so much for this reminder Kim. I've been working on my discussion board all day and have included several links to your pages. Hope that is ok with you, if not I will remove them.

  2. Not a problem at all! Thank you!

  3. I have worked as a cashier/front end Manager in grocery stores in Chicago (Jewel, Kohl's) & in Tampa at the Sweetbay (original new building Family Mart, Kash n Karry) for over 25 yrs. I was so thrilled when they finally came up with scanners just because of "coupons". I myself was known in these stores as the "Coupon Mom", and most of my co-workers dreaded when I came in their line with my box of coupons (I had arranged by aisle, item, amount, I saw you on the news & thought you were much more organized than I & have a great idea! - but then again I worked mostly part time in the grocery store & held a 40-hour office job during the day (have 4 sons). Just as a "funny"? anecdote - when Kohl's grocery opened in NW suburb of Chgo. 20 yrs. ago, they sent all their new cashiers to Milwaukee, WI for an overnight weekend to go to their training center, which included a lecture & a room full of cash registers! It was a great FREE getaway weekend for all of us because we stayed in adjoining rooms & needless to say, partied Sat. nite plus I was then stay at home Mom. Sorry, for being too wordy, but was laid off my office manager job 3 yrs. ago at age 63 after being there 15 yrs., but that is the state of the country. I tried for 2 yrs. to find any job & I mean any - but at my age, the minute I walked in the obvious shock on some of their faces eventually became too much & just took early retirement. Also, I have had arthritis since I was a teen & now not only is my lower back shot, but my hands look like claws. Have even tried to find "legitimate" computer work (there are millions of scams), but they pay so low it isn't worth the pain. So like everyone else, I will hang in there (by a thread) & continue my lifetime of cutting coupons. I do so appreciate your website & it's super information which after all these years an old lady is going to change & update her way or organizing/obtaining coupons. Thank you so very, very much. Virginia Chapman (