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Sunday, April 10, 2011

***HOT*** $1/1 Mueller's Printable!

It's BAAA-----------AAAACCCKKK!!

This coupon will allow for multiple prints....but PLEASE only print what you need for your family!  Also note that the coupon does state "Limit One Coupon Per Person," so you may not be able to use a bunch of these at one time.  If you have someone with you, you could for sure use two.

THIS WEEK at Publix....Muellers Pasta (some exclusions) are BOGO @ $1.17.  That means $0.83 cents overage for the pair!  Remember: at Publix (and most stores) you must buy something to apply the overage to.


Happy Saving!

Thanks TrueCouponing!


  1. When you have an overage like this do they actually give you the money, or do you need to purchase something else to take advantage of the money? What a great deal!! Can't wait to try it out this week!

  2. Ummm Never mind...not sure why I didn't see it the first time I read this....but I see the end of your post now where it reminds us to buy something else to apply the overage. sorry about that.

  3. @Nicole - you are not crazy! I added the verbiage BECAUSE you left the comment. Not sure others would open the comments, so I added it to the body of the post. Thank you for the reminder to clarify :)

    You did not miss wasn't there! LOL