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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Walgreens and CVS Scenarios for 4/10/11


I recently posted the Walgreens scenario and was in the process of posting the details for CVS.  Time flew by, and it was time to go shopping. (I have taken the scenarios down).

So...each Saturday evening, I go to CVS and Walgreens to complete the scenario that I post.  This allows me to try out the scenario to make sure that everything will work for you.  So far, I have been on target and each scenario has worked like a charm.....UNTIL TONIGHT!!  WOW - both CVS and Walgreens had several snags in the scenario I created.  NOT A FUN EXPERIENCE at the register.  Here are some of the details, should you care to continue reading:

  1. I started out wrong by trying to complete the Walgreens scenario at CVS.  I posted a reminder for you all not to do that....should have gone home at that point.
  2. The $2/1 Biore Coupon and the BOGO Biore coupon combo DID NOT WORK!!  I was advised by the cashier that the coupon policy changed and I could not use 2 manufacturer coupons on a BOGO sale or coupon.  Now...I actually spoke to the corporate office this past week to check on their coupon policy and was given different information then.  Back to square one....will follow-up on this for future trips.
  3. My OOP was not where it should have been to be the fabulous deal intended.  More than I wanted to pay. :(
  1. Several of the printable coupons were no longer available, BUT the coupons to be found in the inserts were regional.  This, of course, means that we did not get them here.
  2. The Shift manager was not very nice. :(
  3. The transactions took FOREVER to ring up this time.  I was at the register about 1 hour...WAY TOO LONG.
  4. Several items were very similar to the ad, but not the actual item you needed from the ad.
  5. I must felt like a wasted trip.
Now...this is exactly why I shop and follow the scenario early Sunday morning.  Just to make sure the scenario will work for you and you will NOT have to go through what I went through today.

Sorry everyone.....this was just not my week.  Please follow the links below to see some other scenarios:

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SouthernSavers - See scenario idea at bottom of matchups

True Couponing - matchups, individual deal ideas, no scenario listed

Wishing you all better luck that what I did.

Happy Saving!


  1. I'm so sorry you had such bad luck last night Kim, if it makes you feel any better I was able to complete your Walgreen scenario for $9.81, saving $59.54, with just a couple of tweaks. I bought the Biore twice, and only used the B1G1 Q, I did not purchase the Vitamins, I only had 1 Q for the Got 2b and I bought the Easter pencils in place of the grass. So your scenario worked in other areas where the coupons were available. Keep the faith, you are doing a good job.


  2. Thank you! I am glad you got the scenario early...I deleted it off the blog as soon as I could!

    Glad you were able to get it to work! I did nto want ANY of my readers to have the trouble I had!

    Happy Saving!