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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wags and CVS Scenarios coming soon....

Hello all -

I apologize for the delay in posting the Walgreens and CVS scenario this week.  They WILL be up tomorrow afternoon/evening.  I have had 3 coupon classes this week and I simply have not had a chance to type them up!

They are ready to go....all figured out.....just need to type them up and post.

Here are the totals for the scenarios -

Walgreens -
  • Total OOP $7.63 for $41.62, end with $5 RR ($4 and $1)

I did two scenarios.  One if you have the $10 ECB we ended with last week and one if you have no ECBs to start with.  Merchandise value @ sale prices is $63.69!
  • Using the $10 ECB from last week - Total OOP $6.69, end with $10 ECB in hand
  • Starting with NO ECBs - Total OOP $13.96, end with $10 ECB in hand

Thank you for your patience.

Happy Saving!


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