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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Get DISCOUNT Home Delivery Papers TODAY!

St. Pete Times @ 1-877-843-8463
Discount Offer Code 220

Are you frustrated that your coupons are not in the papers you bring home from the store?  Are the stores sold out on the "good " weeks?

Well, we have a good week coming with 3 inserts!  If you are in the Hillsborough area or surrounding FL counties, call the St. Pete Times TODAY!  Order by Thursday and get your papers delivered on Sunday!

Get home delivery for as low as 30¢ for Sunday onlyThat is $15.60 for the YEAR!  You MUST use Discount Offer Code 220 to guarantee the best rates available.  Call today!

If you are not in the local area, please see our partner site Coupons You Need for reasonable rates on having your coupons shipped to you through a coupon clipping service.

Happy Saving!

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