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Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Segment - Who Knew?

Hello all!

You know I love to bring you deals and share tips (when I can) about saving money, time, and utilizing things in new/different ways.

So...welcome to the Who Knew segment on I Heart Coupons!  My mom bought me a daily calendar if tips for saving time and money...right up my alley.  So I am catching up to the current day and read about some very cool tips.  I would like to share them with you as I come across them.

I also found that Who Knew was a website with some good information.  Just wanted to give them credit, but I will post some awesome tips here.  Stay tuned for more, but let's start now!!

Who Knew....

If it feels like the minute you're done dusting your glass tables you have a layer of dust covering them again, use fabric softener for a different purpose.  Mix a few tablespoons in a spray bottle of water and wipe the surface with it.  Buff with soft, dry towel, and it will keep dust away. From March 18th

Happy Saving!

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