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Thursday, May 26, 2011

***HOT*** SweetBay $10/$40 e-mail

You've Got Mail.....check your inbox!!!  I got a Suh-Weet email from SweetBay for $10/$40 good through 05/30/11!  If your Publix takes them as a competitor...that is really sweet!

IMPORTANT:  I got an e-mail from loyal reader LINDA stating she got this after she came home from her shopping trip today.  No problem! Remember: If the shopping trip is within the dates of the coupon - ANY COUPON - take the coupons and your receipt back to the store.  They will review your receipt and give you the cash back!  Just tell them you forgot the coupons at home.

I have personally done this at Publix, SweetBay, and Winn Dixie without any problems at Customer Service.

Happy Saving!

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