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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FREE Car Wash for Veterans on Veterans Day!!

WOW!  I just read about this program that was shared on The CentsAble Shoppin.....HAD to pass it on!!

Grace For Vets is a united front of car wash operators that provide a FREE CAR WASH to veterans & service personnel each year on November 11 to honor their past & present service to their country.

Here is how to get YOUR FREE CAR WASH in many participating places across the nation and abroad!

*Head over to the GRACE FOR VETS website to register, volunteer, and/or find participating locations in your state

*The FREE car wash is available only on November 11th—rain or shine. The program is focused on honoring veterans and service personnel. In order to receive a FREE car wash, all veterans have to do is let them know that they are a veteran or in the armed forces. No proof of veteran or personnel status is required. This may lead to some abuse, but we believe that the program must be based on one of the guiding principles for a veteran, HONOR.

Thank you to ALL those that have served, are serving, or will serve our country!

Happy Saving!

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