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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UPDATED!! Walgreens Scenario 2/27/11

Ok...Here it is.  What an AWESOME week at Walgreens (2/27/11 - 3/5/11)!You should be able to get $72.93 worth of merchandise (sale priced) for $0.53 OOP!!  Yes! 53 cents!!  WOW!!

Reminder: All totals are PRE-TAX. Actual OOP may vary depending on your sales tax rate.

You do not have to do all transactions in one day...keep it simple and start slow to avoid getting overwhelmed. As long as the transactions are done in order, you can spread them out over the week.

Special thanks to my brother (in Boston) for getting me a copy of the ad so early.  Thanks, Bubba!

Trans #1
Buy 2 Motrin PM @ $3.00 each
$6/2 Motrin PM 01-09-11 SS (x4/30)
Pay: $0, earn a $3 RR

Trans #2
Repeat Trans #1

Trans #3
Baby Magic Lotion or Hair & Body Wash $3
$3RR from Trans #1
Pay $0, earn $3RR

Trans #4

Baby Magic Lotion or Hair & Body Wash $3
$3RR from Trans #2    ***IMPORTANT: make sure you use a MOTRIN RR***
Pay $0, earn $3RR

***You will now have (2) $3RRs, both should be from Baby Magic

UPDATE:  Looks like the RRs are not printing for VICKS!!  Will post another update as soon as I can.  Move onto Transaction #6, add a filler and pay $4.20 + tax and get back $10 RR for the AntiAging.  Continue as planned.  This changes your total OOP from $0.53 to $4.73.  Still a good deal :)  SORRY FOR ANY CONFUSION!!
Thanks Jenda for the update!
Trans #5
Buy 4 Vicks Sinex $5.49 (with in ad coupon or IAQ)
Angel Mints (Filler) x 2 = $0.40
-(4)$4/1 Sinex Coupons 02-27-11 PG (x3/31)
-IAQ for Vicks
Use (2) $3RRs from Trans #3 and #4
Pay $0.36 (earn $10 RR)

Trans #6
Buy 1 Applied Nutrition Anti Aging Total Body Defense 50 ct - $10.00
$10RR from Trans #5
Pay $0 (earn $10 RR)

Trans #7
NasoGel Drip Free Gel Spray 1 oz - $4.99
Super Poligrip - $1.99
Aquaphor Lip Repair - $4.99
Angel Mint (filler needed to absorb 3 cents) 0.20
$1/1 Super Poligrip Coupon PRINT
$1/1 Aquaphor Lip Repair PRINT
$10RR from Trans #6
Pay $0.17 (earn $5RR for NasoGel, $4RR for Aquaphor and $2RR for Poligrip)

Trans #8
Use your remaining $11 RRs for toilet paper! 

Happy Saving!


  1. Thank you Kim so much for your help!! Im so excited about going to Walgreens on Sunday, Kinda nervous because it's my second time :)

    Sorry for the user ID, not sure where it came from.....


  2. Your welcome! I am so glad you like my scenarios. Remember, you can break it up if you need to over several trips. Good luck! Don't forget to send me pics! :)